GMP Manufacturing

Drug substance and drug product manufacturing for your clinical and commercial supply.

We support our customers with the development & commercialization of biologics enabling the treatment & prevention of life threatening conditions such as cancer, COVID-19, influenza and other infectious diseases.

We deliver GMP every day!

Virus Production - HALIX B.V.

Virus Production

HALIX is specialized in the production of viral vectors and viral vaccines, both live and inactivated.

Protein Production

HALIX provides small to large-scale protein expression and purification services for recombinant proteins.

Aseptic Fill and Finish

HALIX performs aseptic filling and lyophilization activities using an automated filling line with validated vial sizes.

GMP manufacturing of viral vectors and protein products at HALIX


We are specialized in freeze drying and lyophilization cycle development of biopharmaceuticals from clinical to commercial scale.

Cell & Seed Banks

HALIX offers production, safety testing and characterization for master- and working cell banks and master- and working virus seed banks.

Tech & TOX Batch

HALIX performs upscaled production using tech batches as a step before GMP production, to make sure the process is well controlled and well executed.

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