Protein Production

Small to large-scale protein expression and purification services for recombinant proteins.

HALIX provides small to large-scale protein expression and purification services for recombinant proteins. We can produce therapeutic proteins such as antibodies, intercellular enzymes, other hard-to-express proteins and cytokines to support your clinical studies using mammalian cell culturing and downstream processing of CHO cells.

The HALIX protein production services.

Our state-of-the-art protein production area consists of several BSL2 cleanrooms with a bioreactor capacity of 1,000 L. HALIX offers manufacturing of proteins such as antibodies, cytokines and other recombinant proteins. HALIX can support your protein development and manufacturing with:

    • Process Transfer & Optimization for protein production
    • Manufacturing of master and working cell banks
    • Process Development of upstream and downstream processes
    • Purification of the active protein drug substance
    • Fill & Finish or Lyophilization of the drug product

Protein Production at HALIX.

Our production capabilities.


    • Up to 1,000 L single-use bioreactor for protein production (BSL2)
    • Automated aseptic filling up to 20,000 vials per batch
    • Semi-automated aseptic filling up to 2,500 vials per batch

The HALIX Full Service Offering.

Outsourcing to HALIX, a dedicated Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), increases first time right production and speeds up the market entry while minimizing operational costs, and ensuring high quality. Protein production at HALIX is very efficient and can reach high product titers. With our expertise we keep costs manageable, timelines tight and ensure a safe and well defined final product.

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