Our Approach to projects

One team: you and HALIX

HALIX envisages a close collaboration with the client and considers this to be vital to the success of the project. Throughout the project, a multi disciplinary team of technical project team members ensure progress of planned activities, mitigate risks and proactively manage critical path items. Key is to successful deliver contracted deliverables within budget and on-time.

The HALIX team consists of:

  • Project manager: responsible to ensure management of the project internally at HALIX and is the main contact person for the client.
  • GMP process lead: responsible for the preparation and the operations during production of the GMP runs performed in the facility at scale. The GMP process lead is also responsible for writing a production report after one or multiple GMP runs.
  • Process engineer:  responsible for the process details during development, technical transfer or production.
  • QA/QP project lead: responsible for the quality assurance during the project, which includes material release, review and product release.
  • QC project lead: responsible for the testing and reporting of the analysis which is part of the project.