We enable growth for suitable projects

Together with Droege Ventures, we enable growth for suitable projects

The cornerstones behind the idea of founding HALIX in 2012 were:

  1. Enabling know-how development
  2. Using capabilities within the HAL Allergy network

Since then, we have experienced a large amount of attractive early stage projects.

Together with Droege Ventures, we use the SMART (Scale, Money, Acceleration, Resources, Time) principle. This supports future prospects in developing and marketing pharmaceutical products. Droege Ventures is the Venture program of the Droege Group.

Qualification criteria to join the SMART program:

  • Field of biopharmaceutical development, ideally in the field of allergy
  • HALIX will produce your clinical and (future) commercial batches
  • "Green light" from our investment committee after in-depth due diligence

Extra benefit of working with HALIX within the SMART program:

  • HALIX supports the development and execution of your projects
  • HALIX invests in your future and is a stable partner
  • We can provide significant financial funds via our investment platform