Corporate culture and values

Our culture

Our culture is the foundation of our success. Customer focus and satisfaction are key elements in all our activities. Our customers expect the highest quality standards and timely project delivery. We have established a culture of interdisciplinary teamwork, trust, excellence, and co-creation. This helps us fulfill customer needs and expectations.

We integrate the experience of the HAL Allergy Group to our customers’ benefit.

Our values

  • Entrepreneurship
    In close collaboration with our clients, HALIX turns any projects into a success. We go the extra mile and are willing to share risk in the scope of our SMART program.
  • Reliability
    HALIX is a stable partner within a network of respected companies. Our finances are solid, as the HAL Allergy Group funds our business 100%.
  • Innovation
    HALIX is the technological innovation enabler of various projects within the biopharmaceutical industry. Our clients’ projects lead to innovations.
  • Commitment
    It is our mission to ensure your product reaches its full potential. We base our approach on providing a flexible development and manufacturing package. This package is co-created through close interactive partnerships with our customers.